Zoom G3 demo Eddie Van Halen’s Brown Sound

A Zoom G3 On Fire

Isolated guitar track:

Same track original pitch:

Patch for the zoom G3:

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2 Responses to Zoom G3 demo Eddie Van Halen’s Brown Sound

  1. Mike Spitzer says:

    Really amazing that this Zoom G3 sounds this good running direct as you recorded.
    I have tried older Zoom units, PODs, Korg Pandoras, J-Stations, in the past ………. I could never get rid of that annoying fizzy, fuzzy, buzzy edge that the distortion had on these units running thru headphones or direct to a recording mixer (Yes, speaker cab emulation was active).

    Even the Zoom G2 seemed to have a “fizzy” edge running direct as you have done with this EVH tone …………. unless of course you did some serious EQ tweaking by killing off the EQ above 6K.

    Is the G3 really that much better as compared to these other units ? ……. it would seem like it based on your excellent demo here ( this is the best digital model demo I have ever heard).

    After such bad experience with other digital devices it is hard to believe this one sounds so good simply used as you describe.


  2. Bob Malin says:

    SIGNATURE TONE!!! Alot of others have “TRIED” to say they had it with other processors,…NOT EVEN CLOSE,..When I saw your YouTube Post,..I was Skeptical UNTIL I HEARD IT!!!
    I Was Wondering,…. COULD you By Any Chance come up with a Patch For MATTHIAS JABS Of THE SCORPIONS ? Say his Signature Lead tone from maybe “No ONE LIKE YOU” ? If ANYONE Can Do It,I KNOW It’s YOU!!! THANKS MUCH!!!
    Your NEWEST FAN!
    Bob Malin

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