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Hi everybody,

Looking for info about Zoom gear or old school guitar playing in general then you might find something of interest here.
I’ve created a series of vids demonstrating the Zoom G3 which is my favorite modeler at the moment.

Zoom G3 demo Chevelle – Face To The Floor
Building a wall of sound with the Zoom G3.
Zoom G3 demo Eddie Van Halen’s Brown Sound
A Zoom G3 On Fire.
Zoom G3 demo Angus Young tone
Highway To Hell with a Zoom G3.
Zoom G3 High Gain Metal tone demo
My attempt to get a Dimebag Darrell like ‘scooped’ tone.
Goosebump Blues – Zoom G3 tube amp simulation
Evolution of tube amp simulation.
Zoom G3 demo Boston Smokin guitar cover
Trying to recreate the 76 Boston sound.

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