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The hidden output of the Zoom R8 (and R24)

Little tutorial on how to use an external effects processor, reamp using a real amp and use SMPTE code to midi sync, all by using the “hidden output” of the R8 (and R24). Outputs The outputs of the Zoom R … Continue reading

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Looping makes the world go round (track sequencer guide)

This guide is not on how to create loops or how to program drum patterns, it’s on how to use the track sequencer and building a song with the 500 MB of drum loops from Big Fish Audio that come … Continue reading

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Me and my virtual friend doing an in depth review of the R8

OK, here i am already owning a bunch of multitrack recorders. And apart from the R8, i recently added a Boss BR-80 to my collection which has basically the same functionality as it’s also more or less a small “total … Continue reading

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