Goosebump Blues – Zoom G3 tube amp simulation

Zoom advertises the following:

Evolution of tube amp simulation.
A newly developed sigmoid curve clipper re-creates the smooth clipping of a tube amplifier’s waveform. With its faithful tube distortion, G3 can simulate amplifier sounds, including clean, crunch and full-gain tones that are authentic to the original models.

So what does this mean?
Is it really the next step in tube amp simulation?
I think it is and to demonstrate it, I recorded this bluesy tune.
It has this natural dynamic response and I had several people who did not know it was recorded directly who thought it sounded like an amp in a room.

The patch I used is a preset one: G9 US BLUES

This blues was written by me 30 years ago and was played by my band Jewel several times.

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