Zoom G3 demo Boston Smokin guitar cover

Trying to recreate the 76 Boston sound with a Zoom G3.

Backingtrack used has absolutely no guitar on it, you can find it here:


Graphic EQ
160Hz = -6
400Hz = 8
800Hz = 12
3.2kHz = -5
6.4kHz = -5
12kHz = -6
Level = 100

Gain = 80
Tube = 100
Level = 100
Trebl = 100
Middl = 100
Bass = 22
Prese = 22

Freq = 21
Reso = 3
Mix = 29
HiDMP = 7
Level = 123

or you can download it at:

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8 Responses to Zoom G3 demo Boston Smokin guitar cover

  1. gofishduo says:

    Awesome work Henky! When the vid started, I thought…when’s he gonna start playin’? OMG! He already is!…..I played the album with this track on it in my car for 12months solid when I was a kid! Ha ha!……….Very authentic!…………bob

  2. Joe says:

    this zoom g3 is awesome,planning to get one..one thing how is thing thru headphones,does it have that real stereo abiance sound like the korg pandora..thanks

    • Henky says:

      I don’t know about the Korg pandora but I can assure you the G3 sounds great thru headphones.
      It’s a great practise tool.



  3. Jos says:

    That’s the way to do it!
    Perfect sound and guitarplaying.
    Keep on rocking!

  4. Patricio Badillo says:

    I bought my G3 and was looking presets, good tone
    metallica do not have something to zoom G3?

  5. Luis Garcia says:

    I really like the cool tones you are able to reproduce with the G3. Im really looking to getting one real soon but I have a question you may be able to answer. Does this unit have any harmonizer effects? Ive seen a video on the G5 and it has that effect on it but I was curious to know if the G3 also had it. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!!

  6. Matt Samudio says:

    NICE ! The tone is right on the money, and I think your playing is even a bit tighter than Scholz’s … gives a nice “extra” edge to the tune – great job !

  7. Troy says:

    I always thought Boston layered many guitar parts together to get a wall of sound while recording. How many guitar parts are there in this recording ? just curious; btw, you sound great and i just bought a G3 used from the bay and can’t to get to playing.

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