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Ears Of The Devil

Dutch instructional movie about the danger of loud noise, made on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

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Circle Of Despair – Live in Russia

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La Morta (clip)

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Karregat Eindhoven 26-02-1989

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How the Ibanez Moderne became my number 1 guitar

As a little kid I used to look through the window of this huge guitarstore in my hometown and you could see hundreds of guitar hanging on the wall. One day I told my mother when I was gazing through … Continue reading

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Goosebump Blues – Zoom G3 tube amp simulation

Zoom advertises the following: Evolution of tube amp simulation. A newly developed sigmoid curve clipper re-creates the smooth clipping of a tube amplifier’s waveform. With its faithful tube distortion, G3 can simulate amplifier sounds, including clean, crunch and full-gain tones … Continue reading

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Zoom G3 demo Boston Smokin guitar cover

Trying to recreate the 76 Boston sound with a Zoom G3. Backingtrack used has absolutely no guitar on it, you can find it here: Patch: SLOT 1: Graphic EQ 160Hz = -6 400Hz = 8 800Hz = 12 3.2kHz … Continue reading

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Looping makes the world go round (track sequencer guide)

This guide is not on how to create loops or how to program drum patterns, it’s on how to use the track sequencer and building a song with the 500 MB of drum loops from Big Fish Audio that come … Continue reading

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Me and my virtual friend doing an in depth review of the R8

OK, here i am already owning a bunch of multitrack recorders. And apart from the R8, i recently added a Boss BR-80 to my collection which has basically the same functionality as it’s also more or less a small “total … Continue reading

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Zoom G3 High Gain Metal tone

My attempt to get a Dimebag Darrell like ‘scooped’ tone out of a Zoom G3 Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator: Zoom G3 [] DAW: Cubase 6 [] Drum sampler: Metalheads EZX [] Bass sampler: Trilian [] Guitars recorded directly via … Continue reading

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